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St Cecilia Cathedral Study

I came across these photos of St Cecilia Cathedral that I had forgotten were taken. It was a dark and moody day which contrasts well against the grace and beauty of the cathedral.

Jess-1.jpgJess-4.jpgJess-2.jpgJess-3.jpgJess-5 copy.jpg

Jess & Andy

Jess and Andy are awesome! Anna and I had so, so much fun. We laughed our butts off. Congrats you two crazy love birds!

c64-2.jpgc23-1.jpgWachtler-14.jpgc82-Wachtler-6.jpgWachtler-7.jpgc10-Wachtler-5.jpgc8-3.jpgWachtler-11.jpgc92-Wachtler-8.jpgWachtler-9.jpgc99-Wachtler-15.jpgWachtler-16.jpgWachtler-17.jpgc8-6.jpgWachtler-19.jpgc53-7.jpgWachtler-25.jpgc53-Wachtler-24.jpgWachtler-23.jpgWachtler-27.jpgc85-Wachtler-32.jpgWachtler-31.jpgc61-5.jpg8a copy.jpg